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Nature-friendly Yards & Landscaping

NatureScapes are yards and landscapes that provide healthy habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.  In addition, nature-friendly landscaping helps conserve water, reduce pollution runoff and may even save time and money on maintenance!

NatureScapes incorporate some of these features:

  • Presence of food, water, and cover for wildlifenaturescape logo

  • Drought-tolerant & native plant species

  • Removal of invasive plant species

  • Drip or soaker hoses for irrigation

  • Mulching around planting areas

  • Composting of yard and food waste


Arrow   TogetherGreen Video on NatureScape Restoration Project (above).

Arrow   Channel 10 News Story on NatureScape Program click here.

By participating in the program, you can get your property certified as an official “Certified Wildlife Habitat” through the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and help Chula Vista become the largest city in the nation designated as a Community Wildlife Habitat Area! 

Need help in developing your NatureScape? The Conservation Section sponsors FREE half-day workshops for residents to learn more about nature-friendly gardening and landscaping practices.  For information on upcoming workshops, please call 619-409-3893.

To view the NatureScape program brochure, click here.

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Need help? Contact the City's Conservation Section at 619-409-3893!

Your Community, Your Environment, Your Choice

Sign-Up to be Notified about the Next NatureScape Workshop

Visit the South Bay Botanic Garden at Southwestern College

Select California-Friendly Plants (Nifty Fifty List)

Replace Invasive Plant Species (Cal-IPC)

Calculate the Right Amount of Water for Your Landscape (MWD)

Apply for a Rebate for Water Efficient Rotating Spray Nozzles (MWD)

Apply for a Rebate for Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers (MWD)

Apply for a Rebate for a Rain Barrel (MWD)

Additional Information

National Wildlife Federation - Garden for Wildlife

California Native Plant Society - San Diego Chapter

Water Conservation Garden - Cuyamaca College

UC Master Gardeners Association - San Diego Chapter

Landscape & Nursery Technology Program - Southwestern College

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