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The City of Chula Vista employs a part-time Emergency Services Coordinator (ESC). This person works for the City Manager under the direction of a designated Deputy Fire Chief and has an office located in Fire Administration.  The ESC is responsible for updating the City's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and preparing the Emergency Operations Center to be made functional at any time. Additional duties of the ESC are to organize EOC training across City departments to all EOC staff positions and facilitate the EOC Director in managing disasters that could have an impact on Chula Vista residents. The ESC also works with all City Departments to secure and maintain contracts to provide food, communications, shelter, transportation, and other items necessary in large quantities during and after a disaster.

Chula Vista has an Emergency Operations Center that can be fully staffed in case of large emergencies. From the Emergency Operation centers, natural, civil, or terrorist emergencies can be managed, resources directed and controlled, and informed decisions made. Citizens can be informed of locations of Emergency Shelters and Medical Aid stations. After an emergency, the Emergency Operation Center may close, but it oversees implementation of the City’s Recovery Plan to direct recovery operations and helps bring the City and our citizens back to a state of normalcy.

The ESC helps maintain and improve the City’s Emergency Response Plan include the use of alternate Emergency Operation Centers. The ESC coordinates the selection and training for volunteers for Chula Vista’s Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). If you are interested in participating in CERT, please register through the City Of Chula Vista Webpage by selecting the Volunteers link.  The Office phone number of the Chula Vista City Emergency Services Coordinator is 619-409-5482.

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