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Garage Sale License

A Process Guide

A garage sale license must be obtained before any resident or group of residents, organization or club may conduct a garage sale in the City of Chula Vista (CVMC 5.32.030). There is no tax or fee for a garage sale license. No more than two garage sales can be conducted by the same person or persons or at the same place within the same calendar year.

To obtain a garage sale license, submit a completed Garage Sale License Application at the public counter of the Building Division. After staff verifies that no more than two licenses have been issued to that address or applicant within the current calendar year, the application will be processed and a copy of the license provided to the applicant. The license is valid for a period of ten consecutive days per sale. If the sale is canceled or cannot be held due to inclement weather, return the original license to the Building Division counter to extend the license for another period of ten consecutive days.


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