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As part of citywide efforts to downsize and streamline in response to significant budget and staffing reductions, in January 2009, the former Planning and Building, Community Development and portions of the Engineering Department were merged to create the new Development Services Department (DSD).

The DSD has a staff of 84 permanent full time positions, and in order to deliver the ranger of services encompassed in the former departments, is organized into seven major sections with the following lines of business.


Development Planning | Website

Zoning - Provide early assistance and assists in providing information to the public regarding all planning and zoning matters.

Land Use Permits - Administer the City's Zoning Ordinance (CVMC Title 19) and other regulatory land use documents such as specific plans and Sectional Planning Area (SPA) Plans. Process all implementing land use entitlements such as conditional use permits, variances and design review approvals through the Zoning Administrator, Design Review Board, Planning Commission, Chula Vista Redevelopment Corporation, and/or City Council. Prepare project related environmental documents pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

Permit Facilitation for Small Businesses - Assigned staff is available to help streamline the permitting process for small businesses.

Zoning Code Updates - Responsible for periodic review and maintenance of the Zoning Code to ensure consistency with the City's General Plan, and continually improve the regulatory permit process.

West Chula Vista Planning - Specific Plans and other tools that implement the broader vision set forth in a City's General Plan.  These tools may include zoning, zoning regulations, and design guidelines. This section includes the Urban Core Specific Plan and the Southwest Planning Process. 

Advance Planning | Website

General Plan - Administers and maintains the City's General Plan. The General Plan serves as the City's blueprint for future growth and development, and provides a long-range vision and policy framework to guide that growth and development over the next 20 years.

Growth Management - Administers the City's growth management programs and regulations, and the Growth Management Oversight Commission (GMOC). Based around eleven quality-of-life indicators, growth management ensures that there are sufficient services and facilities available to meet the demands of new growth such as parks, schools, police, fire, water and sewers among others.

Regional Planning - Coordinates with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and other Cities and agencies to ensure that the Chula Vista's planning interested are represented. Reviews and comments on related plans and proposals from other cities, agencies and SANDAG.

MSCP/Conservation - Administers the City's Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) and other plans and regulations regarding habitat and nature conservation and management. Supports the Otay Ranch Resource Management Plan and the joing City/County Preserve Owner Manager entity.

Technical Services - Provides maps, graphics, data and presentation services in support of the Department's project caseload. Maintains the City's computerized land use inventory, and handles requests for demographics, statistics, forecasting, mapping and graphics.

Otay Ranch - Supports the preparation and review of master plans and zoning documents for the Otay Ranch area. Otay Ranch is the largest master planned community in Eastern Chula Vista (and one of the largest in the State), and will be the primary source of new development activity within the City.

Historic Preservation - Administers the City's historic preservation programs including the Mills Act maintaining, conserving and preserving important buildings and places that relfect Chula Vista's unique past and heritage.

Building | Website

Permit Processing/Development Services Counter - Assist customers at the Development Services Counter with processing building permit applications and information and research related to construction and land development.

Plan Review - Review plans and construction documents prior to permit issuance to insure substantial compliance with building codes.

Building Inspection - Perform periodic inspections of each building project to confirm that the construction is in accordance with the permitted plans and construction documents.

Land Development/Permits Section | Website

Engineering Permits - Provides parcel information and over the counter processing of land development, transportation, utility and parking permits to the public and the development community.

Landscape Architecture - Collaborates with the public, development community, and City staff in the review and processing of development plans and permits related to public and private landscape, public streetscape, open space, and public parks.

Subdivisions - It's primary responsibilities include reviewing subdivision improvement plans for development and verifying that subdivisions are constructed to conform to City standards and specifications.

Traffic Planning - Provides traffic impact review services to the development community in order to provide adequate and timely transportation infrastructure for the traveling public.

Code Enforcement | Website

Building/Land Use Code Compliance - This section provides that the land use designation, zoning and building permits are kept and maintained in all commercial or residential properties.

Residential Abandoned Properties Program - With the recent housing decline, and to combat problems associated with unmaintained properties, the (RAP) Residential Abandoned Property program helps maintain and minimize the impact that vacant properties create.

Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program - The AVA program is a service created to keep inoperable or abandoned vehicles of the streets and in unwanted properties.

Redevelopment and Housing | Website

Redevelopment Strategic Plan - The Redevelopment Agency's five year implementation plan establishes priorities for revitalization in Chula Vista.

Redevelopment Decision-Making - Find agendas for upcoming Chula Vista Redevelopment Corporation meetings.

Economic Development | Website

Economic Development focuses on facilitating retail, commercial and industrial prosperity for today’s businesses. A strong local economy creates quality work options for our residents and generates revenues for vital public infrastructure and services needed for a high quality of life in Chula Vista. This focus compliments major long range projects like the Bayfront Master Plan, University Research Center, and planned community development that are an integral contribution to the City’s economic sustainability.


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